Helping you love tech again

At Phazzaworx, we understand the frustrations that come with technology - the glitches, the complexities, the constant updates. That's why our mission is clear: to make your tech-life seamless, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

the phazzaworx dream

gadgets, computers and passion

We're passionate about rekindling your love for technology. In a world where gadgets can sometimes feel overwhelming, we're here to simplify the experience and bring back the joy in using your devices.

Our team of dedicated tech enthusiasts is committed to providing top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it's troubleshooting, optimizing performance, or discovering new ways to maximize your tech's potential, we've got you covered.

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support for all users

We're committed to providing assistance and solutions that cater to diverse experiences and skill levels. Our goal is to ensure that every individual feels empowered and equipped to navigate the world of tech effortlessly.


Teaching technology

Our comprehensive classes are designed to equip individuals of all backgrounds with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world securely. From understanding the fundamentals of online privacy to recognizing and thwarting cyber threats, our interactive sessions provide a deep dive into safeguarding personal information and ensuring a safer online experience


Cyber Safety

In today's digital age, protecting your online presence is paramount. Our Cyber Safety Checkup is a hassle-free, comprehensive assessment tailored to suit your personal digital habits. Led by our experienced IT professionals, this checkup includes an in-depth analysis of your current security measures, from password strength to privacy settings across various platforms. You'll receive a personalized report outlining potential vulnerabilities and practical recommendations to fortify your online defenses.


Let's make your tech dreams come true —

Tech support

Personal tech support, end user hardware and software assistance. Remote assistance and On-site service available. 

small business

POS Installations, Network installation and setup, Hardware and Software deployments.


Professional Training Courses tailored to suit your organisations needs.  

home network

Wi-Fi / Ethernet, and Modem upgrades, setup of equipment and configuration. On-site service available.

website development

End to End, design and deployment, support and break-fix of websites. Wordpress all the way to raw PHP. 

pc upgrades

Construction of specialty PC's, upgrades and parts service. Please contact us to discuss your needs.